Web Design

The focus of our business is small to medium website design, tailored to meet our client's needs. Before you contact us, ask yourselves some simple questions like those outlined below. If you're not sure what you'd like, feel free to contact us for some ideas. A great way to help us get started is with a list of websites that you like for whatever reason. This gives us an idea of your preferred colors, style and even attitude.

Every site has different needs and features, and we charge our clients based directly on those needs. A simple 4 page informational site (static text and images) usually costs around $400 - $500. If you need some functionality or interaction with your visitor, the cost goes up. The bottom line with pricing is once we know what you want, we can quote you a price.

If you need a website, here are some questions to ask yourself.

  • What are your needs? Image gallery, web form, or a simple web presence?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What feel would you like for your site? Relaxed, serious, sophisticated, fun?
  • What look would you like? Old fashioned, futuristic, themed, corporate?
  • What other sites do you like? What do you like about them?

Domain Name Registration

We can secure any unique domain name (e.g. onahill.net) for as little as $10 a year. For $20 a year, we can make that registration private, which we highly recommend for reducing domain related spam.

Web site Hosting

If your going to have a web site, you need to pay somebody to make it available to the public 24/7. Depending on the site and it's features, we can provide this service for anywhere from $5 - $8 per month.