Here are a few of the sites we've designed. Contact us for a complete list.

Vermont Instruments Vermont Instruments is a guitar building school in Thetford Vermont. An older site designed by us served them well for over 5 years, but this spring we decided to redesign the site and add much more functionality. This new website not only presents the details of Vermont Instruments in a clear concise manner through images and carefully worded text, but it features a huge photo gallery that the owners can update themselves. In fact, many parts of the site can be owner updated. A special log in page for Alumni of the school presents special features such as helpful documents and a newly launched discussion forum.
annswanson.comAnn Swanson is a local realtor who needed a site with a complete online MLS database. This type of site is one of the more challenging and expensive to build, but the extra phone calls it has brought to Ann's business made it well worth it for her.

Eaton Auction ServiceEaton Auction Service has lots of photos that need updating every time they have a sale. They needed a flexible, easily updated photo gallery. In addition, they placed an importance on presenting their information in a very readable form, which was accomplished through a black on white font scheme and plenty of white space. There is also a special print button on a couple of pages that prints only the important information, and not all the design details.

Transformational.comTransformational.com needed a tranquil yet energized theme to compliment their holistic healing work. Plenty of white space to facilitate reading, an intensive, interactive smoking cessation form and an Amazon Associates book seller program are some of the key characteristics of this site.

Lunchatthedump.com Lunch at the Dump is an eclectic Bluegrass/Swing band out of Southern New Hampshire. They needed an online music player to showcase their work, a photo gallery for stage shots, and I believe the graphic layout speaks for itself.

WilesMusic.com Lynn Wiles is a great musician/guitar instructor who was struggling to build his own site when he came to us. The amount of unnecessary code that is generated by some of the do it yourself website packages is just staggering. Not only did we clean up his site for a much faster download, but we added a consistent style throughout the site, an online music player, many links, and an email list sign up box.
Barnyard Quilting Barnyard Quilting creates some fun colorful quilts and they needed a website to match. Easy to use and full of information, this site employs several pages of quality images.

PP Guitar Duo Putnam - Pirozzoli Guitar Duo is the site of well known singer/songwriter Tom Pirozzoli and guitarist/producer Gerry Putnam. These guys wanted a simple, attractive site featuring an online MP3 player, and email list sign up form. They were very pleased with what we delivered. The site's background is also the cover art for their CD "Conversation without Words" and is taken from an oil on canvas painting by Tom.